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Thank you for visiting me on my website, the official website for everything Joe Bataan. We will be posting up my performances and news about my new projects. We will be adding more information and photos soon and if you have a Joe Bataan story please feel free to drop us a line we would love to hear from you. Also check me out on FACEBOOK. Remember that “Nothing is promised” always love and appreciate those around you. You are blessed, thank the Lord for each and every day.

God Bless,
Your Ordinary Guy
Joe Bataan 

Prepare to go on a journey through Joe Bataan’s extraordinary life with his highly anticipated book, Streetology: The Legacy of the Afro-Filipino, King of Latin Soul. This captivating memoir not only chronicles the life of a musical legend but also unveils the unique blend of Afro-Filipino heritage and Latin soul that revolutionized the music scene.  This book is not just a memoir but a tribute to the power of music, community, and identity. This is the limited edition, signed, hardcover copy.  Only 100 available.

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